The Last Few Months

Fall is upon us in Southern Indiana which can only mean, knitting! Endless amounts of knitting. Over the past few months I’ve knitted up a storm resulting in bags and bags of knitted items waiting to be sold at the annual craft fair. I’m really looking forward to setting up for two days and sharing some knitted love with the community.

Mini Mochi

There is a new yarn shop in town that I’ve fallen in love with and have purchased some beautiful yarns! I picked up some Mini Mochi and couldn’t resist knitting a delicious shawl for the Fall.


I picked up a few skeins of some delicious Taos that turned into a shawl in memory of my cousin. We both shared a love for purple tulips and this yarn just reminded me of tulips.


I’ve tried my hand at blocking now that I’ve been knitting so many new things. So far I have 3 shawls, 2 wraps, and 5 hats that are ready to be tagged.


My adorable husband has very picky taste in sweaters so he asked me to make him one. Unfortunately I have never made a sweater so the search began for the perfect pattern and perfect yarn. Luckily the search was short and I picked up this amazing Rowan Summer Tweed for his new sweater vest.


I currently work at a local store and my amazing boss shares my love of yarn and knitting so she’s always giving be skeins that she just simply has no idea what to make. She gave me some beautiful NORO yarn so I whipped up a shawl and a cabled headband.


I have been one busy girl. The next few months will be filled with knitting, a lot of work, celebrating the marriage of good friends, holidays, and enjoying some NHL games.


  1. You really are an artist…the colours are so vibrant, and I just don’t understand how you can make this!

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